Enforcement Services

Building a Safer and Brighter Community Together…

The High Level Peace Officer Program is comprised of two full time Community Peace Officers who enforce select Provincial Acts and Bylaws.

The Peace Officers, along with the RCMP, work towards maintaining a safe and viable community. The Peace Officers assist Council in their goal of Town Beautification with proactive patrolling, partnering with the citizens of the Town through voluntary compliance, and building positive liaisons with local agencies.

The Peace Officers are duly appointed as Community Peace Officers under the Peace Officer Act and as Bylaw Enforcement Officers under the Municipal Government Act.


The Town has several bylaws that are used to promote standards for our community as well as protect the safety, health and welfare of our residents. Some of the most commonly requested bylaws are:

For more information regarding all Town of High Level Bylaws, please visit the Administration Department's Bylaws page.

Provincial Appointments

The Town’s Peace Officers are appointed to enforce Provincial Acts in addition to Town bylaws. These are:

  • Animal Protection Act
  • Dangerous Dogs Act
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act
  • Gaming and Liquor Act
  • Petty Trespass Act
  • Provincial Offences Procedures Act
  • Stray Animals Act
  • Traffic Safety Act
  • Trespass to Premises Act

To view the above acts, please visit the Alberta Law Catalogue.