Dog Pound 

The dog pound is currently operated by Northern Lights Regional Humane Society (NLRHS).

What We Do

  • We pick up and house found/stray dogs within the Town of High Level.
  • We reunite lost dogs with their owners.
  • We transfer adoptable dogs to the NLRHS to be re-homed.
  • Dogs are transferred to the NLRHS after 72 hours for adoption

What We Do Not Do

  • We do not accept surrendered dogs. Contact the NLRHS if you have a pet to surrender.
  • We do not accept cats or any other animals, please contact NLRHS for other pets.
  • We do not accept dogs from areas outside of the Town of High Level.

Dog Control

You are required to register your dog every new year, for more information please see Bylaw 984-18 Animal Control or contact the town office at 780-926-2201. 


Dog Registration Fee
Spayed or Neutered Dog (up to 3 dogs) $10 per year/dog
Unaltered Dog  $30 per year/dog 
Fourth Dog $100 per year 
Special Care Dogs No Charge 
Replacement Tag $1
Dangerous Dog License $250 
Kennel License $50
For New Owners/ Resident's after August 1 the fee for regular dog registration is half price. 


Impoundment Fee
Impoundment $50
Dangerous Dog Impoundment $100
Care and Sustenance/day or portion thereof $10
Euthanization $100
After Hours Call out for Dog Control $100 Plus $60/hour/employee