Sign Regulations

A sign with advertising, directional or informational nature that is attached to the ground or to any exterior surface of a building or structure requires approval from the Development Authority.

Bylaw 944-13

The sign regulations are as per Bylaw No. 944-13:

No person shall construct, erect, display, alter or relocate a sign and no person being the owner or lessee of property shall permit, suffer or allow the construction, erection, display, alteration or relocation of a sign on such property without a sign permit first having been obtained in accordance with the provisions of this Bylaw.

7.4.2 No permits shall be issued for a sign constructed on a permanent foundation without a building permit having first been issued.

7.4.3 Notwithstanding the provisions of articles 7.4.1 and 7.4.2, no sign permit is required for:

(a) Real estate signs that are of a temporary nature and advertise the property upon which they are located as being available for immediate sale, lease or rent;

(b) Construction signs temporarily located on a lot that identifies the project, owner, architect and/or consulting engineer;

(c) Advertising specific community events;

(d) Traffic and directional signs authorized by the Town;

(e) Signs less than 0.09 m2 in area;

(f) Election signs; and

(g) Signs posted or exhibited in a building, including signs inside a window, except neon or flashing signs.

7.5 Applications and Plans

7.5.1 An applicant for a sign permit shall:

(a) Complete a sign permit application in a form prescribed by the Development Authority;

(b) Submit plans and specifications of the proposed sign and of any supporting framework and anchoring devices;

(c) Submit a site plan showing public and private right-of-way boundaries, the location of existing signs and the proposed sign that is the subject of the application;

(d) A list of the materials proposed to be used in the construction of the sign;

(e) Provide such additional information as the Development Authority may require as to stress- bearing capacities of the sign and the equipment used in its placement; and

(f) Submit a sign permit to the Development Authority for each sign that a permit is required under the provisions of this Bylaw.