2017 Municipal Election Candidates

Nomination papers for the 2017 Municipal Election have been received from the following individuals:



Crystal McAteer (By Acclamation)

Public service is my way of giving back to a community that has given me so much. Volunteering is what I have done most of my life and being a part of the Town of High Level council, is just one more public service I feel passionate about.

Council is currently facing a number of serious issues including regional governance, economic development, and land use. These issues require new conversations and new partnerships with our neighbours and require shared actions amongst us. I have always been a strong believer in working regionally and working together, so our northern voice is stronger.

            It is up us...the leaders of our communities to cultivate these new relationships and I believe I can make a significant contribution.  With the economic downturn over the past four years, Council has faced some tough decisions and I appreciate what we have accomplished both as a community and as a region. I believe I have made a significant contribution to High Level, based upon my forty years of volunteer experience and commitment to this community.  I have served on numerous communities over the years, including The High Level Housing Board, The High Level Policing Society, and the Implementation of the new Boreal Housing board, which is the first of its kind in Canada, one that welcomed members of all four First Nations on the board.

            I made a strong commitment to the citizens, the seniors and to the Dene Tha' First Nation that I would work towards new economic development for our region, complete the work on an assisted-living facility and form a new partnership with the Dene Tha' First Nation and the Beaver First Nation.  I believe that work in this area and my extensive board experience in decision-making will continue be an asset to this council. For me, the most important issue is ensuring that council members listen on behalf of all the people and plan for the future of the community accordingly.  I will be there to serve your interest, not my own.



Dave Williams 

High Level is my hometown.  I am a 3rd generation family that has seen this community grow, from one main street to what it is today.

I care about our community and want to make a positive impact, promote our town and assist in positive future changes.  I believe in keeping our small town atmosphere alive and still work at building safe streets, strong neighborhoods and community spirit. I now have the time and commitment to make a positive impact on our community.

ONAL Ozdemir

Ozdemir Onal

I was born in Adana, Turkey. I came from Turkey in 1991 and resided in Edmonton, AB for four (4) years. I decided to move to the small, quaint town of High Level in 1995 and have been a member of the town ever since. I bring a wealth of knowledge to Council from my background in entrepreneurial experiences as a salon business owner (Hair by Demir) in High Level, which has been in business for a total of six (6) years. After living in High Level for twenty-three (23) years I decided to run for Town Council. I want to see what I can do for the Town of High Level and for the townspeople to help maintain a sustainable and brighter future. Thanks!


Michael Morgan (Incumbent)

I arrived in High Level a fresh faced kid just out of Tech School in 1996 with a 2 year plan to work and gain experience on forestry and then move on to other locations, much like many people who come to High Level.  That was 21 years ago and of course I’m still here.  Since I have arrived I have become a member of several local organizations like the High Level Play Association, the High Level Running Club and the High Level Old Bones.  My goal if elected is to continue building relationships with the surrounding communities to help the town and the region as a whole grow and thrive.

MAY Barkley

Barkley May

Greetings! My name is Barkley May. I may be newer to Alberta, but not to rural, prairie life. I was brought up on a farm in Manitoba where I developed a love for the outdoors, hunting, and wide-open space! In 2011, my family and I moved here, and we’ve been proud to call High Level “home” since then. We love the small town atmosphere, the northern lights, and the long days in the summer!
Currently I’m serving as the pastor of Mackenzie Highway Baptist Church, and I would love the opportunity to further serve the community as a town councillor. I care about our community and desire to help where possible. I’m committed to fiscal responsibility, openness, integrity, and common sense.
I hope to work together with the others on Town Council to continue building up our community and to see individuals and businesses thrive.


Boyd Langford (Incumbent) 

My name is Boyd Langford, and I am running for Town Councillor. I am a lawyer and partner in the firm Mathieu Hryniuk LLP. I was born and raised in Saskatoon and obtained my law degree at the University of Saskatchewan. Our family relocated to the Mackenzie Region in 2001 and I served for over 13 years on Town Council in Rainbow Lake, and am the newest member of the current High Level Council, having been elected in a by-election last December.

My interest in municipal politics is to work towards improving the quality of life and services available for our residents. Throughout my time on Council I have had an opportunity to sit on a number of committees dealing with both local and regional issues, and with the upcoming changes to the Municipal Government Act, which mandates regional cooperation and initiatives, I hope to have the opportunity to continue to works towards further improvements. I truly believe that my experience and knowledge of the issues and players within our region will help me to ensure continued growth for both the residents and Town of High Level.


Terry Jessiman

My name is Terry Jessiman. My family has spent the past 24 years in small northern communities where I have worked for government, industry and as an entrepreneur. A large part of my current job, as the High Level and area senior manager for Wildfire and Forestry, has afforded me the chance to bring together a variety of diverse groups working toward common goals. In addition, my career has provided many challenges and opportunities giving me the tools necessary to be a strong leader.
I enjoy the great outdoors as well as spending time with my family camping, kayaking, and quading. High Level has a lot to offer and is a great place to raise a family. We enjoy the pathways, parks, community events, and great schools.
It is important to be involved and give back to our community; therefore I am choosing to run for council. I would like to build on the hard work and dedication of all previously elected officials. I believe that it is important the people in High Level continue to have all the services they enjoy while building new ones.
Thank you!  


Bonnie Gochee 

Hello, my name is Bonnie Gochee and I am running for Councillor for the Town of High Level, AB. I was born in Calgary, completed High School and graduated from the Henderson Business School of Commerce. My occupational background has been office manager, business owner and employment standards officer etc:

I have lived in High Level with my husband Bill Martin for the past 20 years.  I have developed a
strong attachment to my community and am very proud to call High Level “My Home”.
I have volunteered for the Citizens on Patrol, Royal Canadian Legion and I am the Past Chair and
Board Member for High Level Housing Authority for 13 years.  Myself, my board and our CAO
worked hard for many years to obtain a Seniors Lodge in High Level. The Alberta Government
wanted a Regional Board and so the creation of Boreal Housing Board was founded.  As part of the implementation committee, we invited all Four Chiefs to be members of the Board and they accepted.
My vision for High Level is to see the Seniors Lodge to completion, encourage new business while supporting existing business, investigate new affordable energy sources, focus on obtaining funding
to improving and build Town facilities such as the Arena and Community Centre and to encourage
partnerships with our regional neighbors to benefit all.
Regionally, we must continue do our part in finding a way to protect the Caribou while preserving the industries of the region.
I look forward to working hard for you as part of a fiscally responsible and transparent Municipal
Government of High Level by listening to all concerns of the Citizens and Business owners, promoting
growth and helping move High Level to a prosperous future.

Beth gillis

Beth Gillis

As a mother of 4 (almost launched) girls and working full time I have had to learn time management skills which has served me well in being able to volunteer in school events, hold executive positions in dance and soccer associations and in my professional Physiotherapy Associations.  Although my husband and I are relatively new to High Level (2014/2015 respectively) it didn’t take long to assimilate into this community.  Volunteering with the Library Board, Ladies Golf, Play Association, Hospital Foundation, HL Running Club, and Town of High Level events has provided an opportunity to be part of the community.  In Jan of 2016 I was able to start the High Level Walking Club to provide a safe indoor winter walking program in conjunction with community partners such as the High Level Public School, AHS Health Promotions and PCN.  
Putting my name forward as a candidate for Councillor of High Level demonstrates my commitment to this town and if elected provides another opportunity to give back to the community and serve those who live in this town.


Alan Forsyth

I am running to be on High Level town council because I want to give back to the community and I have some knowledge and experience that I feel would be an asset to the new council.
I served three terms on the New Hazelton town council and from 2010 to 2013 on High Level town council.
I grew up in the North and here is my home, I feel comfortable in our wide open spaces.
I moved to a Job in High Level in Jan 2005 (luckily, I was used to cold weather), and have lived here since. I am a certified tradesman in the Sawfiling trade.
I volunteer at the Northern Lights Humane Society,  at the High Level hospital and at the Parent Link Centre in town.
I like gardening as there is something satisfying about growing your own vegetables, as well as fresh produce being tasty


Ellis Forest (Incumbent) 

My name is Ellis Forest, and I'm running for High Level Town Councillor.
I have lived in the community with my wife Fran and we raised our 3 children here. We have called High Level home for the past 48 years.
I came to the area in 1967 when I was transferred from Edmonton to Rainbow Lake to manage Beaver Lumber.  Two years later I was transferred to the Beaver Lumber in High Level as manager.
In 1973 my wife Fran and I opened our own store, Forest Lumber, and we were open for over 25 years until our retirement.
In the 1970s I served 2 terms with the Board of Directors with the town of High Level; at that time there were only 3 staff.
For the past 15 years I have enjoyed being on the High Level Town Council and many boards and committees.


Cheryl Cunningham-Burns

High Level has been very good to me for the past six plus years in providing me with a great job at the NWPCN-AHS with truly amazing clients and co-workers, wonderful new friends, and great opportunities to grow as a person.
I love to read – anything and everything.  I don’t watch TV.  I walk all the time, putter in the garden, and pretend to do crafts.  I served for several years on the library board and continue to support the idea that a library can be the hub of a community.  I’ve been involved in other boards and continue to sit on the board of the FASD Society.  Recently I was appointed to the Premier’s Council on the Status of Persons with Disabilities and I am very excited about the potential for providing advice to the Government of Alberta that will be translated into better policies.
I have lots of lived experiences, a fairly decent education that I pursued as an adult, and a real desire to make my home community the best it can be.  As a social worker, I am concerned about the welfare of all and as such, I think I have a unique perspective that would enhance Council’s ability to see more than one side of an issue. When I commit to something, whether it’s joining a board or taking up a hobby, or advocating on an issue of concern to me, I do it full on – my full attention and passion are engaged. That’s how I feel now about taking on the role of Councillor.  I’m ready to give it my all to make High Level even better than it already is.


Scott Chandler (Incumbent)

I came to High Level in 2005 from Nova Scotia, like most people here, it was for two years. Almost 13 years later I'm proud to call it my home.

I fell in love with this small town from day one. We work hard and we play hard here. From day one in this town I've been active with our local High Level Army Cadets as one of its officers, and served on various other boards and committees.

If re-elected my goal is to serve the people of High Level and continue positive relationships with our surroundings communities and strengthen our relations with our First Nations. I want to improve our community, make it grow, and flourish, making High Level the best community to live in in our region.

Anderson Brent

Brent Anderson 

My name is Brent Anderson.  I have lived in High Level for almost 20 years and was born and raised in the Peace Country.  My wife Darlene and I have two grown daughters and are blessed with two grandsons.

I have worked in the grain industry for almost 45 years, the last 20 years have been in High Level with Richardson - Pioneer as the Location Manager.  I have many years of experience in managing the day to day operations, budgets and human resources of the operation.  I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Mackenzie Applied Research Association as the Industry Representative.

We have very much enjoyed living in High Level and consider it home.  Over the years I have been actively involved in Slow Pitch and Old Timers Hockey in the community and very much enjoyed the participation.  I also enjoy Motor Biking and camping in my spare time.

With my retirement years approaching I have decided to run for council.  I want to give back to the community that has been so good to us.  I feel that I will now have the time to commit in order to represent the people of High Level responsibly.

 I am committed to working toward the betterment and growth of High Level for the benefit of all residents.  I am confident that previous Mayors and Councillors have worked hard in ensuring the best for our community and I look forward in working with the incumbents and new councillors to ensure the sustainability of our community.

I believe that council must foster an atmosphere where business is confident in investing and where resident’s concerns are heard.  We must be fiscally responsible in these economic times as well as being open and transparent.  My desire is to promote and support community growth, involvement and development.