Airport Fees

As per Bylaw #998-19 2020 Fees Bylaw

All aircraft related fees are applied on the conclusion (arrival) of a flight. The primary source of information for billing purposes is the NavCanada Aircraft Movement Statistics.

Airport Improvement Fees, Landing Fees and Terminal Fees do not apply to, training or maintenance flights and aircraft weighing 2,000kg or less.

Airport Improvement Fee (AIF)

Applies to non scheduled fixed wing aircraft landings within the boundary of the High Level Airport. Fee is based on number of passenger seats the aircraft is certified for.

Aircraft SizeFee
0 - 4 Seats$20.00
5  - 10 Seats$45.00
11 - 15 Seats$70.00
16 - 25 Seats$150.00
26 - 45 Seats$220.00
Over 45 Seats$450.00
All Helicopters$20.00

Landing Fees - Based on Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW) 

Applies to non-scheduled fixed wing and rotary landings within the boundary of the High Level Airport including leased lands.

2001 to 21,000 kg$5.09 per 1000 kg
21,001 to 45,000 kg$6.41 per 1000 kg
Greater than 45, 000 kg$7.56 per 1000 kg
All Helicopters$10.00

Terminal Fees Non-Scheduled Aircraft (includes Apron Use)

Passenger Seating capacity$3.00/seat

Note: Tenants with aircraft based at the High Level Airport receive a 70% reduction in the Airport Improvement Fee, Landing Fees and Terminal Fees

Scheduled Aircraft Fees 

Terminal Fee: $10 Per enplaned and deplaned passenger
Landing Fee: $4.00 per 1000 kg Maximum Take Off Weight  
Airport Improvement Fee: $45.00 per landing flat fee

Airport Parking fees 

Tie down Parking

< 1000 kg$300.00/yr
1000 - 2000 kg$324.00/yr
>2000 kg$348.00/yr

Aircraft Parking Only

<2,000 kg$10.00/day
2,001 - 5,000 kg$10.00
5,001 - 10,000 kg$15.00
10,001 - 30,000 kg$20.00
30,001 - 45,000 kg$25.00
45,001 - 60,000 kg$40.00
60,001 - 100,000 kg$60.00
100,001 - 200,000 kg$85.00
200,001 - 300,000 kg$100.00
Over 300,000 kg$150.00

Vehicle Parking Fees

Daily without power$5.00/day
Daily with power$10.00/day
Week without power$30.00
Weekly with power$60.00
Annual without power$350.00/year
Annual with power$600.00/year


Lease Rates - Yearly 


Non Airside$3.00/m

(Note: Airside means land leased for the purpose of airside operations such as an air service or aircraft refueling. Non-airside means land leased for the purpose of non-aeronautical purposes such as rental car or residential uses.)

Terminal Building Offices 

Main floor$300.00/ m2
Basement floor$200.00 per m2
Ticket Counters$300.00 per m
Industry/Cargo$300.00 per m2
Rental car Kiosk$400.00 per m
Vending Machine Space$200.00 ea per yr
Connection/Cart$500.00 per yr
House A$9,000 ($750/month)
House B$12,000 ($1,000/month)

Signage and Advertising Space 

Airport Digital Sign
(10 second slot maximum)
$200.00/6 months
$350.00/ year
Private Digital Sign
(Sub leasing not permitted)  
$500.00/ year
Baggage Belt (stick on)$275.00/ year
Baggage Belt Area  (60 cm x 90 cm  maximum size)
$300.00/ year
Wall Area (60 cm x 90 cm maximum size)$300.00/ year

Signage and advertising requests are at the Towns discretion. Location of signage shall be determined by the Town. Sign content is subject to Town approval.  

Other Fees 

fuel Flowage Fee$0.05 per L AV Gas
$0.05 per L Jet Fuel
$0.05/ l Oil/Lubricants
Mobile Refueler registration$0.05/kg/gross vehicle weight
Pavement sweepingsee schedule J of Bylaw 889-09 Revised Fees Bylaw
Snow removalsee schedule J of Bylaw 889-09 Revised Fees Bylaw
Loadersee schedule J of Bylaw 889-09 Revised Fees Bylaw
After hours call out fee$350.00 first 3 hours
$150.00/hr after 3 hours

SRD lease and Fees 

Negotiated separately