Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20

High Level's Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 was passed during Council’s Nov. 23 Regular Meeting. The Bylaw includes a "trigger number that activates when there are 12 active cases in the Mackenzie region, and deactivates when that number drops below 12 for 14 consecutive days.

You can find Face Coverings Bylaw #1013-20 HERE

Downloadable Posters

When the Face Coverings Bylaw is active, the Town has developed several signage options for local businesses to prominently display so that anyone entering that business will immediately see it.

Click the poster to download. 

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Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 Exemption Card

Medical exemptions available for Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20

Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 Exemption Cards are available through the Town of High Level.

The cards will be issued to individuals who have pre-existing medical conditions that would make wearing a face covering a hardship. The cards would be registered to a specific person, and could be verified by checking with the Town.

Anyone interested in obtaining a card is asked to fill out an application form that will then need to be signed by a physician. No specific medical information will be tracked or retained by the Town. Applications can be scanned and emailed or delivered to the Town Office in person, and cards can be picked up from the Town Office or mailed out.

Exemption cards will be required for anyone who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.

Anyone with an exemption card will be expected to carry it with them when shopping without a mask and could be asked to provide it to business staff or Community Peace Officers for verification if necessary.

An exemption card is good for the duration of the Bylaw. Lost or stolen cards need to be reported in order for a new card to be issued.

The exemption cards are free of charge.

For more information on the Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 Exemption Card, please contact Mark MacLean, Town of High Level Safety Coordinator, at 780-821-4007 or by email at

Click here to download a printable copy of the Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 Exemption Card application.

Face Coverings Bylaw Exemption Cards

Notice to local residents and businesses

The Town of High Level would like to remind residents in possession of Face Coverings Bylaw 1013-20 Exemption Cards that they do not exempt holders from any portion of the Provincial government’s Public Health Order. The Cards are only intended to exempt local residents from the Town’s Face Coverings Bylaw, which is not active while face coverings remain part of the Public Health Order.

As a reminder, the Town has created a helpful poster to remind Exemption Card holders that their cards will not permit them to enter businesses without a face covering.

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