Curbside Waste Carts

High Level’s new curbside waste program

 The Town of High Level is moving to a curbside waste cart pickup for its residential waste removal program.

As part of the program, each residential property will be provided with two 64-gallon carts (a black one and green one) for waste removal. The carts are designed to work with upgrades made to the waste disposal trucks used by the Town’s waste management contractor, allowing for automated curbside waste removal.

Knowing what to expect with the Town’s curbside waste collection program will make the transition to the new system easier. The changes to curbside waste collection are similar to programs in the majority of communities. 

Waste collection will be moving to Wednesdays for some addresses

To accommodate the additional time required for safe automated waste collection, some neighbourhoods in High Level will see their waste collection day move to Wednesday as part of a new two-day collection schedule.

Wednesday trash day shaded map

Homes INSIDE the shaded area of the provided map will have their waste collection day move to Wednesdays beginning November 8, 2023. 

If you receive your carts on or before November 7, 2023, your new waste collection day will be Wednesdays going forward.

Homes OUTSIDE the shaded area of the provided map will remain on a Thursday waste collection schedule and begin using their carts on November 16, 2023.

If your carts are delivered between November 10 and 15, 2023, you will remain on a Thursday waste collection day going forward.

Magnet graphics

The carts being provided to residential properties will replace any current method of waste storage used by residents. They are self-contained with an attached lid, wheels, and handles, and are designed for ease of use. Additional carts can be obtained for a nominal fee. Carts will be delivered to property driveways.

What goes IN the BIN?

Wondering what you can put in your new curbside waste bins?

The type of waste accepted for removal does not change with the new bins.

According to the Town of High Level’s Garbage Bylaw No. 879.09, the following items are unsuitable for removal:

  • Discarded furniture, automobile parts, tires, motorized vehicles, and household equipment
  • Tree limbs, tree roots, whole shrubs or bushes, or portions thereof
  • Fences, gates, and other non-permanent or permanent fixtures
  • Building materials and building waste
  • Dead animals or animal manure
  • Sod
  • Liquid waste
  • By-products from manufacturing

These items can be taken directly to the landfill to be disposed of.

Please note, with the new curbside waste disposal program, all waste must be placed inside the bin. Waste left outside the bin will not be removed.

To ensure removal of waste, please place the bins at least one metre (three feet) from vehicles, other bins, and other obstacles. For safety reasons, the bins must also be one metre (three feet) from structures behind them.

cart placement graphic

How to use this cart:

  1. Place your waste inside the cart. Waste can be freely placed in the cart, or it can be bagged and then placed in the cart.
  2. On trash day, please ensure the cart is not overfilled. The lid must be closed completely or the cart cannot be picked up by the automated system.
  3. Carts must be placed one metre (three feet) from vehicles, obstacles, and your other cart or those of your neighbour. The new automated system features a cool robot arm that will need space to operate.
  4. Once your waste has been picked up, you are free to put the cart back into storage.
  5. It is important to note that anything outside the cart will not be picked up. If you find you are consistently needing more space than the two carts provide, you can rent an additional cart by contacting the Town of High Level.
  6. Carts can be stored inside or outside, but they are best stored out of direct sunlight.
TOWN OF HIGH LEVEL 96G cart rendering 04.2023

Frequently Asked Questions

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