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Posted on: February 8, 2021

Restrictions are being lifted in Alberta

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Restrictions are being lifted in Alberta.

The government of Alberta has started to ease restrictions as of today – February 8, 2021 – as pressure reduces on the health system and hospitalizations remain below 600.

School-related and limited indoor and outdoor children’s sport and performance activities, one-on-one indoor personal fitness with a trainer, and dine-in service at restaurants, cafés, and pubs are now permitted province-wide.

ChangesBut there are still some rules to follow!

Indoor and outdoor Children’s Spot Performance 

K-12 schools and post-secondary children’s sport and performance activities such as physical education classes can now use off-site facilities to support curriculum-related activities.

All participants must be 18 years or younger, excluding coaches or trainers. At the same time, there must be a maximum of 10 individuals, including all coaches, trainers, and participants, while maintaining a social distance of two metres at all times. 

Indoor fitness

One-on-one individual and one-on-one household training are permitted for indoor fitness activities. (Example: fitness in dance studios, training figure skating on ice, one-on-one lessons)

Sessions have to be scheduled or by appointment. No drop-in for individuals or groups allowed. Trainers must be professional, certified, and are paid trainers who provide active instruction and correction. Passive supervision of physical activity is not considered training.

More than one trainer and client ‘pair’ are allowed into the facility, studio, rink, court, pool, ice surface, etc., as long as:

  • Each trainer and client stays three meters away from all other trainers and clients at all times, including in entryways and exits.
  • Each trainer only interacts with their assigned client, and each client only interacts with their assigned trainer.
  • No interaction between clients or between trainers is allowed.
  • No ‘cycling through’ multiple trainers, as in circuit training.

Restaurants, cafés, and pubs

Restaurants, cafés, and pubs are now open for dine-in services. Up to a maximum of six people are allowed per table, and individuals must resign in the same household unless they live alone. Then the two close contacts for people living alone can join. Liquor service ends at 10 p.m. at every restaurant, café, and pub. In-person dining must close by 11 p.m. Entertainment is not permitted: VLTs, pool tables, and live music is not available at this time. 

 Indoor masking and distancing requirements will stay in place throughout this stepped approach system. The decision to proceed with Step Two will be made on February 28th, 2021, if there are 450 or fewer hospitalizations and the number is declining. The same will carry on to future steps.

Please visit the Government of Alberta web page for updates.

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