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High Level Sports Complex - Curling Pad

Subfacility of High Level Sports Complex


  1. Curling Pad

Description of Space

The curling pad is approximately 48 feet by 150 feet smooth, concrete surface. It is available to rent from April to September.

Services & Amenities

  • Wheel chair accessible?
  • 40 lightweight collapsible tables available for use
  • 230 chairs available
  • 18 by 30-foot available portable stage
  • 2 portable bar units available

Curling Rink Fees as of May 1, 2018 

 Curling Hall Rentals Fee 
Hourly   $30
Daily  $300
Damage Deposit   $300

 Curling Pad Rentals  Fee
Hourly  $30
Daily  $300
Damage Deposit  $300

To rent the Curling Pad please contact Jena Clarke 
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