Water System Rates


The Town of High Level water system is funded entirely from water utility fees. No tax revenue is used to subsidize operation of the water system.

Water System Basic Charge

The water system basic charge is a set monthly fee that covers fixed costs such as the cost of providing a pipe and connection to your property and the cost of the water main in the street. These necessities and the costs to maintain them are the same whether a customer uses one cubic meter or one hundred cubic meters of water per month.

Water Meters

Every building in High Level that is connected to the water system has a water meter. A radio read meter is installed in all homes so that the meter can be read without entering the house.

Water meters in High Level are read every month. An estimate is used if an actual reading is not available.

Meter Accuracy

Water meters are very accurate. Water going through the meter turns a propeller device which turns the meter. As meters age they slow down, letting more water through than they measure and as a result, you get more water than you pay for. If you think your meter is inaccurate, you can request the meter be tested by contacting Public Works. The fee for meter testing is returned if the meter is found to be inaccurate.


Both current and previous readings are shown on your utility bill. Your  consumption is the difference between the readings. The meter read,  whether an actual or an estimate, is shown on the utility bill.