GIS and Maps

A geographic information system (GIS) is a system that allows the Town to create, manage, analyze and map spatial data. GIS connects data to a map; integrating location data with many forms of descriptive information (i.e. where things are located, and what the conditions are like). GIS provides the Town with a tool to better understand landscape and infrastructure patterns, relationships and geographic context. Another benefit of GIS includes improved (visual) communication with the public on planning decisions.

Map Requests

The Town has access to third-party, and possess our own spatial data. With our GIS, the Town can create maps at the request of members of the public or local organizations. There are no fees for creating maps, and map printing fees are outlined below – customers can choose to print on Plain or Satin Poster Paper.

MuniSight Guest

The Town has a public access GIS called MuniSight. This GIS can be used by the public [at no costs] to access information about properties within High Level, including Development Permits, lot dimensions, land use zoning, property assessment, annual taxes, photos of the parcel and existing building(s) and more. MuniSight is a great tool when applying for Development Permits, or when making general enquiries about parcels within the Town of High Level. 

You can access the Town of High Level MuniSight as a guest here.

Need help using MuniSight Guest – review this handy Step-by-Step Guide for the basics of MuniSight!

Map Printing Fees

Item Fee 
Maps, Drawings, Posters Printing – Plain Paper
$0.03 per inch²
Maps, Drawings, Posters Printing – Satin Poster Paper
$0.06 per inch2
Laminator$0.02 per inch2