Building Permit Fees

Residential Installation

Permit Fee
New Single Family Dwellings. Additions
$6.00 per $1000 of Project value
Relocation of a Building (on Crawlspace or basement
$0.35 per square foot of main floor
Relocation of a Building (on Piles or blocking only)
Garage, renovation, Basement Development (not at time of new home construction)
$0.30 per square foot of developed area
Minimum Residential Building Permit Fee


Commercial, Industrial, Institutional 

Description Permit Fee- not including scc levy
New, Addition, Renovation $6.00 per $1000 of project value 
minimum Building Permit Fee (including Demolition Permits) $250.00

NOTE: Project Value is based on the actual cost of material and labour Verification of cost may be requested prior to permit issuance. 

SCC Levy is 4% of the permit Fee with a minimum of $4.50 and a maximum of %560.00 

Occupancy permit Inclusive with permit fee
Requested Inspections $125.00/hour (minimum 2 hours) Additional Travel costs for a special trip) 
Work started without permit Fee Doubled 
Water and Sewer Connection Permit $25.00
Water and Sewer Connection Inspection $25.00
Heating and Ventilation Permit, Semi-detached, Duplex, Four-Plex, Town House(5 or less units) $45.00 per heating unit
Alteration to heating/vent units $45.00 per heating unit 
All other heating or system permits Less that 500,00 BTU units 500,000 BTU output or more $120.00
Mechanical exhaust system as in restaurant hood, Carbon Monoxide, or spray booth$75.00
Fire Pit Permit $10.00
Relocatable Industrial Accommodations $125.00 per unit