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The Land Use Bylaw Project: Helicopters

There are a number of northern businesses that make regular use of helicopters, and a few of those businesses are currently in operation in High Level.

Unfortunately, the Land Use Bylaw does not cover helicopter use and how related facilities such as landing pads can be safely used or developed in Town. We are proposing some user-friendly additions for that.

Currently, helicopter landing pads are only considered as a Discretionary use in the Community Use District. This includes developments such as health services, government buildings, and even churches. There are also a couple properties in the industrial area of High Level where helicopters are stored and sometimes take off or land.

These additions to the Land Use Bylaw would include new provisions for the Industrial area where helicopters would also be a discretionary use –meaning developers would be asked to lay out their plans before moving ahead with development.

This new use would be available in the Industrial area for all lots on both sides of 92 Street, from 98 Avenue to 114 Avenue including the Tolko sawmill

As a Discretionary Use, helicopter landing pads would require a development permit, and there are many rules and regulations under Canadian Aviation Regulations that would have to be met and maintained to ensure the safe operation of helicopters in the area. 

Canadian Aviation Regulations also outline a large number of rules around the operation of the helicopters themselves, including minimum height thresholds before flying over populated areas and landing pad designs. In order to enhance safety, the Town is proposing increased setbacks from all lot lines and building, and provisions to mitigate nuisance issues such as noise and dust to protect adjacent landowners.

Helicopter pads and operations would be restricted to this section of High Level as it would allow safe maneuvering in and out of town with little activity over the more densely populated portions of the community.

While there are not currently many businesses who would make use of helicopters and landing pads in the community, there is potential for more businesses to incorporate helicopter use and we are hoping this option for those businesses will help them choose High Level as a place to do or expand their business!

The Town of High Level is currently reviewing and developing their Land Use Bylaw. As part of that process, local residents are strongly encouraged to take part in the process and help direct future development in High Level.

For more information, please contact Hayley Gavin, Land Use and Planning Manager, by phone at 780-502-0778 or by email at development@highlevel.ca.

A complete list of all proposed changes to the Land Use Bylaw is available HERE.