Strategic Plan

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Town of High Level Strategic Plan 2022-2026

Shaping the future of High Level

A new strategic plan developed by the Town of High Level provides a roadmap for development in the community for the next four years.

The 10-page plan, developed by the Town’s Administration team and CMR Consulting, provides a singular direction for Council and staff to follow, ensuring that all new asset and project requests and any level of service changes align with the Strategic Plan.

The plan was built with extensive input from High Level residents. Over the past year, the Town hosted three rounds of public engagement with two surveys, two community pop-up tables, a large community event, and several one-on-one key stakeholder interviews. 

Town staff collected input from hundreds of High Level and regional residents. Many great ideas that can be built into other long-term planning documents were collected.

One plan, many opportunities

Having a Strategic Plan in place ensures that the Town makes efficient use of its time spent delivering municipal services, attracting increased economic development, providing infrastructure improvements, enhancing community safety, and encouraging community well-being for the residents of High Level and the wider region. These goals were identified through extensive public consultation.

Clear direction

Administration has also built an internal Implementation Plan which focuses on implementing the Strategic Plan over the next four years. It is vital to follow through on the work already completed by the community and by Town staff. The Implementation Plan is a living document that must be updated frequently. It has been built with reporting deadlines intended to Town Council on a quarterly basis.

The ultimate success of implementing the Strategic Plan is an organization-wide responsibility. Town staff in every department are integral to achieving our strategic goals and objectives outlined within the plan. Whether by completing assigned projects or consistently delivering on our everyday levels of service to the public.

Thanks to you!

The Town extends a huge thank you to everyone who participated in this project and provided input that directly helped us build this SMART community Strategic Plan.

Download your copy of the Town of High Level 2022-2026 Strategic Plan one-page summary here.

Download your copy of the Town of High Level 2022-2026 Strategic Plan here.

For more information, please contact Hayley Gavin, Director of Planning and Development, by email or by phone 780-502-0778. Please monitor the Town website at and the Town’s social media for further details!

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