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Posted on: April 29, 2021

Fees set for administrative, facility uses for 2021

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A number of changes have been made to fees for services provided by the Town of High Level for 2021.

Council passed all three readings of the 2021 Fees Bylaw during their regular meeting on April 26. The Fees Bylaw is set annually and sets the costs of licences, permits, and approvals – as established by Council. It also sets the fees for everything from swim passes to renting out the Town’s fire training facility.

This year, there have been substantial changes made to development permitting in an effort to streamline the process and make it easier for residents to make changes to their properties. The fee structure has changed so that it matches with the type of development rather than the land use zoning. And we have made changes that better align with the scope of work involved in issuing a development permit – where previously the permit was the same cost for building a home as it was for building a deck or shed.

The 2021 Fees BylawAnd changes have been made to development permit fees for not-for-profit organizations and for accessibility developments – those are free of charge!

A number of fees related to administration have been changed as well, including printing fees being simplified and large development deposit fees being removed.

Another area that has changed is the fees associated with the Town clearing snow from sidewalks in front of commercial properties. Commercial properties are responsible for snow clearing in front of their properties, and when they are unable to clear them in a timely manner, the Town may do it and then add the cost of doing so to the property owner’s tax bill.

Previously, the amount charged was based on a complicated equation that included the amount of labour and machinery involved. The rate has been simplified to $1.75 per linear metre. Businesses unable to clear sidewalks themselves are strongly encouraged to contact one of the many snow removal specialists whose services are available in High Level.

This year’s Bylaw lists fees associated with training at the High Level fire training facility, from the facility rental itself to the addition of instructors and on-site features. This also includes training material and equipment rentals.

Additionally, the Bylaw further clarifies how disruptions might affect fees for events, programs, bookings, or leases.

Click here for more information and to view the 2021 Fees Bylaw.