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Posted on: July 19, 2021

Cleaning and inspection of High Level’s treated water reservoir tank completed

Cleaning and inspection of High Level’s treated water reservoir tank completed

A regular cleaning operation of the treated water reservoir tank at the High Level Water Treatment Plant provided a rare opportunity to see the Town of High Level’s water storage capabilities from the inside.

A specialized cleaning crew was on site July 13 for a cleaning and inspection of the tank. This type of operation is part of the normal maintenance of facility and is generally completed every five or six years.

The treated water reservoir is a storage tank for high demand water situations such as fire events. The tank provides the ability for fire crews to draw water from hydrants without taxing the water system and interfering with service.

The plant has a significant amount of storage capacity, and the ability to operate for a number of days on reserves should there be an issue at the plant that would cause it to cease operations.

While the tank holds treated water, there is always a very small amount of sediment that makes it through the system. Because the reservoir tank is still, the sediment will eventually settle to the bottom. Over years, the buildup of this sediment requires removal. It is a good idea to come in and clean that sediment out every five or six years.

This process is accomplished through the use of a diver with a vacuum hose. Prior to entering the tank, the diver – wearing a completely self-contained suit – and their equipment were disinfected with a strong chlorine mixture.

Following the cleaning, the tank is then inspected for any damage. The entire operation is recorded on video and observed in real time so that potential issues can be spotted. The ability to collect video also acts as a record to show the work that has been done.

In order to save on mobilization costs, neighbouring municipalities with water treatment facilities will often coordinate their efforts. In this case, the Town of Rainbow Lake also had cleaning done at their facility and the Town of High Level was able to secure the services of the company involved while they were already in the area.

Prior to the cleaning operation, a remote underwater operated vehicle, also called an ROV, is used to map out the work and inspect the site to get a better understanding of the amount of work needed.

The cleaning was completed in one day and no issues or repairs were required.

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