Guide to Understanding Your Property Taxes 


High Level Town Council approves the Town’s annual operating and capital budgets each year. As part of this process, they consider the revenue sources available to cover expenditures.

Tax Rate Bylaw

Town Council sets the property tax rates by passing a Tax Rate Bylaw. Rates are determined by dividing the total required property tax revenue among the total taxable assessed value of town properties. There are separate rates for residential and non-residential properties.

Services Funded by Taxation

The Town of High Level relies on property taxes as a major source of revenue to fund many different services including:

  • General Government which includes Town Administration and Town Council
  • Protective Services which includes fire, ambulance, bylaw and building inspection services
  • Transportation which includes maintenance and snow removal operations for roads, sidewalk maintenance and street lights
  • Public Health and Welfare which includes Family and Community Support Services and cemeteries
  • Planning and Development which includes planning, zoning, subdivision, and economic development
  • Recreation and Culture which includes the pool, sports complex, ball diamonds and parks. It also includes funding for the museum and library.