Dog Pound 

The dog pound is currently operated by Northern Lights Regional Humane Society (NLRHS).

What We Do

  • We pick up and house found/stray dogs within the Town of High Level.
  • We reunite lost dogs with their owners.
  • We transfer adoptable dogs to the NLRHS to be re-homed.
  • Dogs are transferred to the NLRHS after 72 hours for adoption

What We Do Not Do

  • We do not accept surrendered dogs. Contact the NLRHS if you have a pet to surrender.
  • We do not accept cats or any other animals, please contact NLRHS for other pets.
  • We do not accept dogs from areas outside of the Town of High Level.

Animal Control Bylaw 984-18 Key Points 

Dog Licences

No Person shall keep, harbour, or have custody of any dog within the boundaries of the Town without obtaining a licence from the Town of high Level. 

Dog Licences are not transferable from one dog to another and no refund will be given due to death, sale of dog, or leaving the town. 

Every dog owner must provide their dog with a collar to which the owner shall ensure that the collar and dog tags are worn on the dog. 

Pet Owner  Information 

No more than four domestic animals of each type shall be kept or harbored at one time on the land or premise of the owner. 

No owner shall permit their dog to run at large when a dog is found running at large, it may be placed in the local Humane Society at the animals owners expense or returned to the owner. 

No Owner shall permit a dog to be unleashed while not on the property of the owner unless permitted by signage. 

Standards of Care 

Pet owners are responsible for:

  • Ensuring that the animal has adequate food and water which is clean, potable and free from dirt, debris, excrement or other contaminants. 
  • To provide the animal with adequate care when the animal is wounded or ill. 
  • Provide the animal with a shelter which protects it from injurious heat or cold. 
  • To NOT confine the animal to an enclosure or area with inadequate space, unsanitary conditions, inadequate ventilation or without providing an opportunity for exercise so as to significantly impair the animal health or well being. 


No person shall cause an animal to be in distress, which defined by: 

  • deprived of adequate shelter, ventilation, space, food, water or veterinary care or reasonable from injurious heat or cold. 
  • Injured, sick, in pain or suffering
  • Abused or subjected to undue hardship, privation or neglect.  

No person shall leave or confine an animal in any unattended motor container in any condition that may endanger the health or well-being of the animal. 

Outdoor Sheltering 

Pet owners must ensure that the area in which the animal is being kept outdoors meets the following requirements: 

  • An outdoor shelter must provide a space for the animal to go which is protected from injurious heat or cold, protected from winds and provides insulation and protection from weather elements. 
  • Shade must be accessible to the animal at all times within the area. 
  • The area must be clean and free from excess excrement.
  • The fencing, structure and objects accessible to the animal must be kept in good repair to avoid possible injury or dangerous conditions.   

Pet owners must ensure that the animal has continuous access to a shelter if the animal is kept outdoors: 

  • For more than 12 hours at a time. 
  • In any weather conditions that could cause the animals distress 


Tethering requirements include: 

  • 5 meters or 5 times the length of the animal 
  • Allows the animal to reach its food and water and a clean, dry, place to lie down and a shaded area or shelter. 
  • Allows the animal to move in a manner that is safe, and except by the length of the tether, in unrestricted. 
  • Designed in a manner that prevents: 

- Entanglement with the other objects or animals 

- Moving over an edge, such as a wall or stairway, in a manner that could result in strangulation or injury to the animal. 

  • Must not cause discomfort for the animal because of its type of weight. 
  • Animals may be tethered for up to 12 hour period. If the animal has been tethered for 12 consecutive hours, the owner must untether for 12 consecutive hours before tethering again. 


No person shall keep, harbor, or claim ownership to wildlife within the limits of High Level. 

No person shall intentionally leave feed, food, meat or other consumables items accessible on their property that may attract wildlife, 

Does not apply to recreational and leisurely uses of bird feeders on private property.


A peace Officer may seize and impound any animal:  

  • Contraventions of any section of the Bylaw or provincial act. 
  • In Living conditions determined in the opinion of the Peace Officer to be in contravention of this bylaw. 

A Peace Officer is authorized to enter onto any property (Excluding dwelling Houses) without warrant to inspect for conditions or enforce this bylaw or the provincial Act and to impound any animal in accordance with Bylaw 984-18. 

Failing to comply with the bylaw or the Provincial Act may result in charges being laid, tickets being issued or municipal tags being applied. in serious offences, animal possession prohibitions can be applied. Sworn Peace Officers are the only persons permitted to take custody of animals at large. 

Dog Control

You are required to register your dog every new year, for more information please see Bylaw 984-18 Animal Control or contact the town office at 780-926-2201. 

All proceeds from the purchase of Dog Tags go towards the Northern Lights Regional Humane Society.  


Dog Registration Fee
Spayed or Neutered Dog (up to 3 dogs) $10 per year/dog
Unaltered Dog  $30 per year/dog 
Fourth Dog $100 per year 
Special Care Dogs No Charge 
Replacement Tag $1
Dangerous Dog License $250 
Kennel License $50
For New Owners/ Resident's after August 1 the fee for regular dog registration is half price. 


Impoundment Fee
Impoundment $50
Dangerous Dog Impoundment $100
Care and Sustenance – Per Day* – Less than 23 kilograms$15
Care and Sustenance – Per Day* – 23 kilograms or greater
Transport Fee$30 
Euthanization $100
After Hours Call out for Dog Control $100 Plus $60/hour/employee