Airport Business

There are many different companies that offer various services at the High Level Airport.

Charter/air Ambulance Services 

Canwest Air

Helicopter Services

The following helicopter charter companies are based at or around the High Level Airport:

Alpine Helicopters

Delta Helicopters

Highland Helicopters

Gemini Helicopters

  • Phone: 780-926-5558

Aviation Fuels

Aviation fuels and lubricants are provided at the High Level Airport by Flight Fuels. Fuel bower trucks and stationary pumps are used to deliver 100LL Avgas and Jet-A1 jet fuel.

Flight Fuels 

  • Phone: (780) 926-6716 
  • Unicom: 123.0

Vehicle Rentals

Travelers can choose from two vehicle rental companies when they arrive at the High Level Air Terminal Building.

National Rent A Car

  • Phone: 780-926-2588 or 24-Hour Toll Free 1-800-223-9335


  • Phone:  (780) 926-3114 or 24 Hr Toll Free 1-877-926-3114