Banner of Remembrance

BORThe Town of High Level has implemented a yearly Banners of Remembrance program.  Similar to banner programs in other communities across the country, High Level’s Banners of Remembrance will honour past or present members of the military who have a connection to the areas of High Level, Mackenzie County, Paddle Prairie, and Keg River. It is intended to be an ongoing legacy project.

“The Banner program is very close to my heart and I am very excited to see it come to fruition,” said Mayor Crystal McAteer. “There are some incredibly amazing veterans in our communities who deserve recognition. I am also pleased that the citizens of our region will now be able to put a face to these courageous men and women who fought for their freedom!”

The banners are double-sided and will be displayed on lampposts down Main Street from October to November and removed after Remembrance Day.

Through the displaying of these banners, we hope to engage the community and region in honouring and remembering local veterans through an initiative that will ensure continued recognition and respect throughout future generations.

Anyone interested in honouring a member of the military with a connection to the communities of High Level, Mackenzie County, Paddle Prairie, and Keg River, is invited to visit the Town’s website and fill out a Banner of Remembrance application.

Sponsorship opportunities are also available for individuals or corporations interested in playing a role in growing the program. The cut off date for application is July 31 of each year to allow the banners to be printed and displayed by October of each year.

The cost of a banner is $120.00, and the Town is currently seeking sponsorship to provide some financial assistance for applicants who may require it.

  1. Kayla Wardley

    Tourism & Museum Leader

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