Development Permits

About Development

Development means excavating, stockpiling, the construction of a building, and addition to, or replacement or repair of a building, or a change in the intensity of use or a building in an area regulated by land-use by-law. The Town of High Level has a Land-Use By-Law which requires a Development Permit regulating and “development” within the town limits, and all applications for this permit must be accompanied by either a site plan or a statement of use, or both.


The cost of a Development Permit can range from $65 to $300, depending on the location of the property.

Development Permits Fees
R-1, R-2 zoning $80.00
C-1, C-2, C-3 zoning  $200.00
R-4 zoning $65.00
IND zoning $200.00
CU, P zoning $200.00
R-3 zoning $155.00
DC zoning $300.00
A, R zoning $65.00
Change of/ Additional use $80.00
Boulevard Landscaping Application As per district 
Home Occupations $55.00
Signs $35.00
Variance requests $100.00
Temporary Permits $45.00
Development Agreements$500.00
Special Events $50.00
Re-locatable Industrial Accommodations $100.00  + $1250.00 deposit 
Downtown Commercial Parking Fee $1500.00 per required stall if not provided onsite 
Development started without permit Fee Doubled 
Development Deposit $5000.00 (required on any new residential, commercial or industrial, returned upon satisfactory compliance to all conditions) 
Land Titles Document Registration/Discharge $25.00 per document 


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To obtain an application for a development permit, please contact us or download an application below.  

  1. 2020 Approved Development Permits 
Development Permit  # Zoning Legal DescriptionAddressProposed Use Applicant Issue Date 
DP20-001Highway Commercial District (C-3) Lot 11, Block 34, Plan 83210759703 Rainbow Blvd Temporary Sign Watt Mountain Wanders 07/02/2020
DP20-002Industrial District (IND) Lot 11, Block 4, Plan 112121110498 93 Street Commercial School and Oilfield Service Carmen Hatt19/02/2020
DP20-003 Industrial District (IND) Lot 11, Block 4, Plan 112121110498 93 Street Accessory Buildings Carmen Hatt 19/02/2020
DP20-004Mobile Home and Transition Neighborhood District (R-4)Lot 13, Block 38, Plan 832107510206 112 Avenue Remove/Replace Mobile HomeGary Samuelson 06/04/2020
DP20-005Highway Commercial District (C-3) Lot 8, Block 29, Plan 72310910301 96 Street Portable Sign Magnetsigns 06/03/2020
DP20-006Mobile Home and Transition Neighborhood District (R-4)Lot B, Block 27, Plan 4507NY177 High Level Trailer Park Removal of Mobile Home La Crete Building Movers Ltd. 25/03/2020
DP20-007Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 4, Block 1, Plan 5575MC9906 97 Street Magnetic Signs Advertising Northern Lakes College 06/04/2020
DP20-008 Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 6-7, Block 35, Plan 83210759702 Rainbow Blvd Retail Furniture 1414445 Alberta Ltd. 16/04/2020
DP20-009Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 6-7, Block 35, Plan 83210759702 Rainbow BlvdFasica Sign 1414445 Alberta Ltd.16/04/2020
DP20-010 Industrial District (IND) Mobile Home and Transition NeighborhoodLot B =, Block 4 Plan 832088211401 92 StreetAccessory BuildingTolko Industries22/04/2020
DP20-011District (R-4) Lot 59, Plan 052433259 Deerglen Trailer Park Mobile Home Wilma Kleynendorst 28/05/2020
DP20-012 Community Use District (CU)  Mobile home and Transition NeighborhoodLot 18, Block 20, Plan 782022110502 103 Street Supported Residence and Office Space Northwest Regional FASD Society 08/06/2020
DP20-013District (R-4) Lot 4, Block 54, Plan 04242746 Dragonfly Crescent Deck Extension Hillier Donald 11/06/2020
DP20-014Industrial District (IND) Lot 5-6, Block 6, Plan 832308310909 92 Street Building Extension La Crete CO-OP Ltd. 19/06/2020
DP20-15Highway Commercial District (C-3) Mobile Home and Transition Neighborhood Lot 3, Block 4, Plan 5575MC10310 97 Street Hotel (Renovation) 2214866 Alberta LTD.22/06/2020
DP20-016District (R-4) Lot 4, Block 30, Plan 832022710617 99 Avenue Enclosed DeckAbram Braun Redecop23/06/2020
DP20-017Low Density Residential District (R-1) Lot 15, Block 20, Plan 4507NY10303 104 Ave Chain Link Fence Jason Pohranychny23/06/2020
DP20-018 Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 3, Block 36, Plan 83210759806 Rainbow Blvd.Directional Sign2115161 Alberta Ltd. 24/07/2020
DP20-019 Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 2, Block 35, Plot 832107510902 Rainbow Blvd Temporary SignVodoan Enterprises Ltd. 15/07/2020
DP20-020Low Density Residential District (R-1)Lot 16,Block 46, PLAN 052366637 Bjornson Avenue Replacement and extension of a deck Troy Hardwick10/07/2020
DP20-021Community Use District (CU)Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 89213389400 Highway 58Installation of septic holding tank Mackenzie Baptist Church16/07/2020
DP20-022Low Density Residential District (R-1)Lot 81, Block 30, Plan 042261311 Birch Close Replacement and Expansion of deck James Stickney 17/07/2020
DP20-023 Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 1-3, Block 4, Plan 5575MC10310 97 Street Drive Thru Oil Change Service 2214866 Alberta Ltd. 17/07/2020
DP20-024 Highway Commercial District (C-3)Lot 1-3, Block 4, Plan 5575MC10310 97 StreetRestaurant with Drive Thru 2214866 Alberta Ltd.17/07/2020
DP20-025Industrial District (IND)Lot 1, Block 4, Plan 022128410405 94 Street Fiber Optic Equipment ShelterROHL Global Networks 22/07/2020
DP20-026 District (R-4)Lot B, Clock 27, Plan 4507NY9900 98 Avenue Demolition and Removal of Mobile Homes NDEH  Limited Partnership by ITS29/07/2020
DP20-027 District (R-4)Lot 19, Block 39, Plan 8320227 10616 99 Avenue Placement of a Mobile Home Gordon Janzen 29/07/2020
DP20-028 District (R-4)Lot 13, Block 38, Plan 832107510206 112 Avenue Place Mobile Home on LotGary Samuelson29/07/2020

Installation of Natural Gas Distribution Line Altagas Utilities Inc.06/08/2020
DP20-030 District (R-4)

Lot 19, Block 54, Plan 042427436 Dragonfly Crescent Esthetics Ngoc Bich Tran Dihn 31/08/2020
DP20-031 District (R-4)

Lot 19, Plan, 052433219 Deerglen Trailer Park Placement of a mobile home Benjamin & Eva Krahn 20/08/2020
DP20-032District (R-4)

Lot 16, Block 54, Plan, 042427430 Dragonfly Crescent Deck Taylor Nelsen 31/08/2020
DP20-033Community Use District (CU)
Lot 2-5, Block, Plan 5526NY11000 95 Street Solar Collector Panels High Level Native Friendship Centre 18/09/2020
Downtown Commercial District (C-1) Lot 40, Block 24, Plan 08212689815 101 Street Renovations and addition of a canopy. EHDA Cho Corporation/Executive Suites Hotel10/09/2020
DP20-35Low Density Residential District (R-1)
Lot 28, Block 21 Plan 802 024210308 105 Street Addition to Mobile Home Joshua Fehr 23/09/2020
DP20-36District (R-4)
Lot 39, Plan 052 433239 Deerglen Trailer Park Replacement of Mobile Home Isaac Giesbrecht 21/09/2020
DP20-37Industrial District (IND)

Lot B, Block 4, Plan 832088211401 92 Street Maintenance Shop Tolko Industries Ltd. 09/10/2020
DP20-38District (R-4)
Lot 30, Plan 052 433230 Deerglen Trailer Park Mobile Home Edwin Krahn Multi Oilfield Services (2015) Ltd.20/10/2020
DP20-39District (R-4)
Lot 32, Plan 052 433232 Deerglen Trailer Park Mobile Home Edwin Krahn Multi Oilfield Services (2015) Ltd.
Lot 1, Block 1, Plan 012 2398 4 Grieve Street Fire Training Classroom Town of High Level 22/10/2020
DP20-41Industrial District (IND)
Lot B, Block 4, Plan 832 088211401 92 Street Directional Sign Tolko Industries Ltd. 27/10/2020
Lot 1, Block 2, Plan 0122401 None Meter Building for Waterline Extension to Bushe River Town of High Level 02/10/2020
DP20-43Downtown Commercial District (C-1)
Lot 10, Block 8, Plan 00221129902 98 Street Change of Use \: Fitness Facility - Gym2209580 Alberta Ltd03/11/2020
Lot 4, Block 2 Plan 5575MC None Temporary Sign - 1 Year Magnet Signs 03/11/2020